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Disability Rights

Our attorneys are among the most experienced in the state regarding disability rights claims. We routinely advise and defend against claims related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, California’s Disabled Persons Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and civil rights. For example, we currently represent the City of Los Angeles in what is believed to be the largest ADA class action litigation ever prosecuted in the state, based on claims of program access and accessibility barriers. On a smaller scale, we have represented numerous public entities in response to claims alleging violations of the ADA, the Disabled Persons Act and the Unruh Act. We have and continue to represent numerous entities in identifying potential violations and remedying those situations as well as directing disputes towards structured negotiations in hopes of avoiding the uncertainty and cost of litigation.

Government Claims Act & Related Immunities

Due in large part to our focus on representing public entities and their employees, we are immensely familiar with the Government Claims Act and the related immunities. That experience has allowed us to monopolize upon lesser-known provisions of the Act, including successfully arguing key provisions and the related immunities through dispositive motions and assuring that any discovery is carefully undertaken in order to narrow a plaintiff's claims. We also capitalize on our knowledge by presenting dispositive motions at the earliest practicable opportunities. In situations involving representation of judicial officers, board members and/or council members, this often translates to the case being completely dismissed in response to either a Demurrer or Motion to Dismiss.

Our litigation team is adept at handling complex high-risk litigation, having served as lead counsel in many highly-contentious, highly scrutinized and publicly watched matters. All told, our attorneys have represented dozens of public agencies in all facets of complex litigation for decades, including successfully trying dozens of civil rights cases before juries.

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